Kojima throwin’ down some wisdom.

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Darkness spreads throughout me
Misery is in my deepest depths
Sorrow leaves me unable to see
Anguish shallows out my breaths

Touch my skin with gentle love
Watch it smothered slowly
I’m cancerous. A sort of
Parasitic creature, cold and unholy

Let me live off my reserve
Of self-pity and remorse
A miserable death is what I deserve
Things will run their course

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united steaks of america


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seeing people hate on a character you can relate to the most


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Got a smoke?

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touch all the things

touchy touchy

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I thought we were all supposed to have a fresh start here. I can’t change the past.

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if u don’t think this is important then u r wrong

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The black flower
Is the song
With just its made-up dance
There be purpose

Everything exposed
The song shall freeze over
I shall dance in nightmares that day.

myself as Zero from Drakengard 3 / Drag-On Dragoon3

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I was born for this.

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